Everyone has a soundtrack to their lives; the power of music and the way it can archive the moments we have experienced in life can be magical. My name is Courtney James; an avid music fan, a product of the generation x experience, and a film maker who is on a journey to archive a music scene that has shaped me through and through. Over the last 10 years I’ve been documenting the electronic music scene and have experienced it on many levels. This passion project has taken me all over the globe and has been a journey of highs and lows in independent film making. What’s exciting about electronic music to me is it’s so well traveled. The themes I examine in my first film and upcoming mini series are ones that examine how music can shape your identity.. Through electronic music, my personal stories, the DJ, the promoter, the club owner, and the producer, I explore the power of the all mighty bass beat on many levels for the audience. Dance music culture is communal.. as a participant you are immersed. I’ve lost myself on dance floor many a time and felt that connectivity with people around me without words. Through my experiences and the perspective of some of the biggest DJ names and rising talents from around the world, I plan on giving the audience a concert experience as well as a history of a culture’s past and present. With my new mini series in the works I’m proud to show you the first trailer for GGN PRESENTS on the home page..

LIFE IS BUT A DREAM is the name of the first instalment of GGN Presents.. It’s a concert film experience that takes us to Toronto Canada – the fourth largest city in North America – and the home for one of electronic music’s biggest festival events, Digital Dreams. This music doc takes us behind the scenes of a festival dream 20 years in the making and a city history that has embraced dance music as a soundtrack for the summer since the 90s.


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Here’s a few trailers and a special GGN episode of my travels to South Beach Miami during Winter Music Conference with DJ Dan.. Thanks for taking the time to check us out and support independent film making with a purchase or rental. Stay up to date by following us on TWITTER and liking us on FACEBOOK.. If you’re looking for some new music for your soundtrack – check us out on ScOUNDCLOUD for free mixes and great dance music of the past and present.

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