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This is a new find for the Global Groove Network. It had been sometime since I’d been out on a dance floor with my wife. Every few months we have that itch to go out – Shake some Booty – and this past weekend we had a scratch that needed to be itched. What we’ve been doing lately with our party outings is just pick the weekend and let the artists choose us instead. Toronto has such a great EDM collective that every weekend will have someone from around the world peddling their beats to the passionate dance music lovers that live in the city. The weekend we had chosen was a holy one and I was hoping to experience something new. We were in LUCK…

This year’s Easter weekend party took us to the newly formed CODA in downtown Toronto. This club was opened by the former Footwork Toronto club owners – Joel Smye & Stephan Phillon – and has not disappointed in 2014 with the level of killer talent they continue to bring through their doors from around the world. The artist that ended up being the headliner that night was a german producer who goes by the moniker of Tensnake. I had heard his name in passing but I hadn’t had a chance to really listen to his style. We decided to roll the dice and check him out (not look up his music on line) and I have to say I was blown away by the vibe he brought to the club. When we hit the dance floor he was just coming on. The beats he played had this new wave disco feel complimented with some killer house music under tones. I didn’t realize how much I was enjoying the set and time I spent on the dance floor until I noticed 2 hours fly by and the DJs changed over. This Easter weekend became time capsuled by his performance and to me that is what a Global Groove Network DJ/Producer does. He or She embodies a presence through their music and mixes. Tensnake is someone you need to get to know and experience LIVE & DIRECT.

Check out one of his LIVE SETS from the world famous underground club, the Boiler Room: Click Here

Tensnake, aka German DJ and producer Marco Niemerski, made his name with the huge 2010 dancefloor smash hit ‘Coma Cat’, and since then has been in ever increasing demand. Seemingly effortlessly managing the elusive feat of marrying classic disco and house influences to a contemporary sound, Marco is in that very rare position where his music appeals equally to the biggest dancefloors, from Ibiza and Miami, and real chin-stroking aficionados. All of which has gained him a solid reputation as a producer’s producer. His music effortlessly transcends genres, and the release of his eagerly anticipated debut album Glow looks set to cement his reputation as a major talent.

Born in Hamburg in 1975, Marco grew up listening to disco, soul, boogie, funk and the finer cuts of 80s pop, from Prince, to the more Balearic tracks from Simple Minds to, er, Prefab Sprout. His older brother also introduced him to other influences like freestyle and boogie to Italo-pop. As he grew older he went through a Mod-period before finding and embracing more dancefloorinspired influences from Larry Levan to Junior Boys Own, Romanthony to Masters of Work. With such a diverse set of influences, it’s no surprise Marco’s own music…

For more info on Tensnake follow the LINK below to his official Tumblr BLOG.