Satoshi Tomiie
Satoshi TomiieSatoshi Tomiie

Satoshi is a perfect candidate for the title “man of few words”.. When I met this maestro for the first time at a DEF MIX label party, a language barrier made it difficult to understand one another. I was excited at the opportunity to interview this House Beat Mastermind but it was going to be a challenge. I became a fan of his mixes instantly. I started listening to his sets on a more regular basis during my research time in front of the computer and found his sound very infectious. It was emotional on all levels and it made me want to hit a dance floor right away. Satoshi did his best talking from behind the decks that night when I interviewed him. What I did get to take from the experience was something even cooler then some words. I got to witness first hand the universal understanding of the power a DJ has on a crowd without words. Check out this CLIP from the DOC featuring Satoshi & Hector Romero during a DEF MIX event I covered for the movie – Click Here

Satoshi Tomiie is, quite simply, is Japan’s most successful International DJ and House producer. Satoshi’s music career began at an early age when his parents encouraged him to study the piano. He trained for an admirable ten years, developing a distinct passion for jazz. In school he played in various bands. Soon after, the sound of Hip Hop provoked him to not only form his own band but also to start his foray into DJ’ing and production. Then came house, as he became fascinated by the early Chicago mix-tapes he was hearing.

A Japanese cosmetic company asked Satoshi to produce a track for their forthcoming promo parties where legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles was performing. Knuckles saw the potential in Satoshi’s music and asked if he was interested in collaborating. The final result of their partnership was “Tears”, a defining moment in vocal house and a song now commonly regarded as an all time classic. Satoshi soon took the leap and moved to New York. Since his seminal hit “Tears” with Frankie Knuckles back in 1989, he has gone on to become a major part of the acclaimed Def Mix crew. Through this relationship he has remixed and worked with the likes of Simply Red, David Bowie, U2, Mariah Carey, Misia (Japan’s #1 R&B artist), just to name a few.

Even though Satoshi was a major DJ in Japan, the challenge of spinning along side House greats like David Morales and Frankie Knuckles became the motivation for developing his own sound and identity and has established Satoshi as a headliner and a mainstay in the DJ community. He tours constantly and can be found spinning records in major clubs around the world. Recently, Satoshi launched his own label “SAW.RECORDINGS”. It was Satoshi’s desire to create a platform from which he would be able to showcase ideas and creativity that are more experimental and underground. His first single entitled “Paranoize” by Bipath has caused major excitement from DJ’s worldwide.

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