Sander Van Doorn
Sander Van DoornSander Van Doorn

When I first met Sander Van Doorn I was not sure what to expect. I was at the beginning of the process of making this film and I was still researching who I wanted to include as my interview subjects. I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Armin Van Buuren in Toronto at the event Labor of Love and by chance Van Doorn was on the bill. After watching Sander warm up the crowd for Armin in rock star fashion, I knew I needed to get him in the interview hot seat. Lucky enough, I got to get to know the maestro known as Sander Van Doorn. The passion we both share for the music made me a fan right away and after watching him in action, I was excited to get that kind of perspective in my DOC. Check out this interview piece from when I sat down with Armin and Sander at the Guvernment in TO – Click Here

At 26, Sander, the once ‘boy next door’ from Eindhoven in Amsterdam has the world literally at his feet. 2006 was phenomenal year for Sander; a year that saw him accomplish things only dreams are made of. He’s an artist in a league of his own; he is he man who’s got it all and he is only at the beginning of his career.

Despite his phenomenal success, Sander remains practically unaffected by his achievements. Whether he’s releasing a new track, playing to 500 or 50,000, his only concern is to ensure his audience is receiving and enjoying what he does. There is nothing superstar about the man himself, yet his work, music sales, and achievements throughout the last several years have earned him that status. He’s risen through the ranks, and whilst doing so has taken a big bite at re-shaping ‘trance’ as we know it. Once a follower, Van Doorn is now a leader.

The work has only just begun…

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