Sander Kleinenberg
Sander KleinenbergSander Kleinenberg

When I first got introduced to the sounds of Kleinenberg through my wife, she claimed him as her “DJ Boyfriend”. I had to admit it peaked my interest. I had to check out the competition and get to know this Sander guy that my wife always made sure we saved the date for when he came to Toronto. What I can say now after experiencing his sounds on a dance floor, is that my wife has great taste in music and performer. I became a fan right away and made sure I included him in the film.. Check out this CLIP from my travels to IBIZA and my interview with Sander – Click Here

Sander Kleinenberg knows how dance floors work: he’s instigated ‘sweaty’ scenes around the world, observing what makes people move from Belfast to Buenos Aires. Ultimately, the mechanics of the dance floor revolve around just one thing: good dance music. Sander knows about this, too. His own vinyl creations are saturated in club land so that they virtually perspire dry ice and radiate glitter ball shards from their grooves. It’s time to get back to basics, to stop watching the DJ and get back on the dance floor.

As a kid growing up in the provincial eastern Netherlands during the ’80s, Sander would tune-in religiously to late night radio shows playing imported R&B, electro and club mixes direct from New York City. Names like Shep Pettibone and John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez rang out with the romanticism of a distant dance floor. He developed a fascination for hip hop, spraying graffiti, human beat boxing (badly) and, of course, rapaciously eating up vinyl. At school he was known as ‘the kid with the headphones’. One day a teacher asked him if he’d play some records at the school disco, so he did. Little did he know that those fantasies would come true, that he’d be emulating those heroes whose names he’d only heard across the crackle of the airwaves and seemed as tangible as a character in a comic book.

These days Sander commands respect as a DJ worldwide, with residencies in Montreal, Ibiza’s Pin-Up and New York’s Arc that allow him to indulge his stylistic experiments over eight hours and more. Vaunted in the ’90s as one of the ‘Nu Breed’ of the world-conquering progressive house scene – aided by his addition to the enormously successful Global Underground compilation series – he is now numbered quite rightly among dance music’s elite upon his own merit alone. Clocking up hundreds of thousands of air miles per year hasn’t yet dulled his passion for playing records he loves to clubbers in every conceivable part of the world. “I’m completely in love with the lifestyle and what it represents,” he enthuses. “People find it a cliché but I do think it brings people together. I love the fact that when I play in Kuala Lumpur for 5,000 Muslims it goes as right off as it does in Northern Ireland or in Tel Aviv. That is truly the fire that ignites my engine.”

For more info on Sander Kleinenberg then check out the link below… Take a listen to this LIVE & DIRECT mix from Sander on the GGN SOUNDCLOUD PAGE – GGN Radio