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Rocket EmpireRocket Empire

EDM is made up to resemble the blood flow of the human species. It flows at all speeds, signifies emotional behaviour, and gives us a heartbeat to follow when we need that power from music in our life. In my film – The Global Groove Network – we look at the emotional connections that electronic music has with it’s performers and participants around the world. I started my exploration of this culture at a 120 BPM on the dance floor but no one can stay at that pace all the time… who wants too? I feel to really understand and appreciate EDM culture is finding all the tempo’s.. I was a huge fan of Mark Farina’s mushroom jazz work which lead me to OM Records and eventually and introduction to this special maestro Dave Dish – AKA – Rocket Empire. His down tempo style won me over when I first got to hear a mix and his original productions. His smooth down tempo journey he creates with his music is something that stuck with me and I was excited at the opportunity to showcase his sounds from behind the decks… Check out this FREE mix in the GGN LAIDBACK LOUNGE – Click Here

Rocket Empire is a new signing to OM Records, and Dave Dish is the sole member of the group. Dave Dish was first turned on to down tempo in 1995 by Dale Charles (Boston’s legendary DJ who held residencies all over the US and Canada during the 80′s and 90′s). After a crash course in djing and sitting in on production sessions with Dale and Pete Moss, Dish was exposed to the production side of music in 1996. By the year 2000, Dave Dish became full time tour manager for Timo Maas and worked for Bristol, UK based label Hope Recordings for an on and off 7 years. In this time Dave played in Berlin, London, DC10 Ibiza to name a few gigs. And traveled with Timo all over the world with acts like Nightmares on Wax, Beastie Boys, Snoop Dog, Rahzel, Fort Knox 5, Ursula 1000, General Midi and more. Martin Buttirch ( former Timo Maas producer, and now label owner of Desolat records) released a track on Four:Twenty Recordings called “Meeting Dave Dish” a track dedicated to Dave Dish. This track went on to multiple compilations around the world.

By 2003 Dave had paired up with Jon Cates who was based in Portland. Working via the Internet the two were able to release music on various labels until getting signed to Om Records in 2008. Their debut album “Through The Weekend” can be heard on Om Records. Jon Cates continues to work with Dave Dish on Rocket Empire material along with Casey Montgomery, who is also known as “the eloi”. Rocket Empire is a fusion of indie acoustic based rock, and down tempo that is on the level with Kruder&Dorfmeister for fans of the lush, stringy spacey vibes. Rocket Empire has already has good success with 2 singles released from the forthcoming debut album which will feature 16 tracks. Rocket Empire can be heard on Sirius Radio channel 35. Rocket Empire is currently a Top 3 Artist on Sirius Radio along with fellow Om Artist Christian Prommer.

For the total Rocket Empire experience check out his albums on the OM RECORDS link below..