Richie Hawtin
Richie HawtinRichie Hawtin

The Canadian EDM experience has had some influential producers and performers since the beginning but it’s hard not to put this dynamic artist at the top of the list. I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Hawtin since I bought my first Plastikman record back in the 90s. The track was called SPASTIK and it was so simple yet complex in it’s arrangement. Part of me couldn’t believe I actually enjoyed the track but it drew me in with it’s tribal simplicity and the speed made me envision rhythmic soldiers pounding a dance floor in unison every time I heard it. This minimal magician – Richie Hawtin – won me over. I became part of that dance floor army that dropped and gave him 20 on the dance floor. Check out this complex simple BEAT from the 90s that had the crowds under it’s power – Click Here

Although he’s technically a Canadian, Richie Hawtin will forever be associated with putting his beloved Detroit on the dance music map. Along with fellow Detroit pioneer Carl Craig, Hawtin helped break the second wave of Detroit techno. From north of Detroit in Windsor, Ontario, Hawtin has been a DJ, a producer, a record label owner, and a flag-waver for the underground Detroit scene which is only now getting the respect it deserves in the United States. Hawtin started his career DJing at underground parties in clubs like Detroit’s Shelter. There he met his partner, John Acquaviva, and together they launched the influential Plus 8 Recordings label.

Hawtin created a unique techno sound, which is regarded as synonymous with the city of Detroit. That sound, electro house, is very minimal, yet highly danceable. He is known for his use of the Roland TB-303 bass machine and that sound has become inseparable from quality acid house and electro recordings. These days, Hawtin kicks around with a TR-909 drum machine. Hawtin signed a record deal with Nova Mute in 1993, and is considered a star in Europe, where he has enjoyed success with his project, Plastikman.

In 1994, rumor has it that Hawtin was scheduled to perform at a rave held inside the Brooklyn Bridge. Allegedly, while crossing the border from Canada, guards stopped him, assuming he was attempting to work illegally in the US due to the massive amount of equipment in his car. Supposedly he went home and recorded a set to DAT and shipped it to the promoters. To this day, no one can say for certain whether that headlining slot was live or on tape…

I was very excited at the opportunity to meet this legend in IBIZA when I travelled there to film the culture first hand. I managed to run into Mr. Hawtin by chance at the IBIZA DJ Awards and he was kind enough to sit down with a fellow Canadian and give me some of his thoughts on the island and the present day EDM community for the DOC. Check out this CLIP from my IBIZA experience featuring Richie among other producers and personalities I interviewed when I was on the island – Click Here

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