Paul Oakenfold
Paul OakenfoldPaul Oakenfold

When I began my journey in to EDM culture back in the 90s I was introduced to a CD that would help shape my love for electronic music. The album was called TRANCEPORT; It was my first introduction to the power of trance music and one of the legendary pioneers of the global DJ superstar movement of the 90s, Paul Oakenfold. This CD became a regular rotation to my soundtrack in my early twenties and became the go to MIX for my friends and I as we prepared for night out on the dance floor! When I finally got to experience Oakenfold LIVE for the first time in Toronto back in 1998, he didn’t disappoint. The way he tends to a crowd with his well crafted sets and productions always deliver something special. This DJ is definitely on the short list for evolving a culture and shaping this film maker’s identity. The Global Groove Network creation owes a lot to this Oakenfold album and experience..

Paul Oakenfold’s musical career started from admirably humble beginnings, playing soul and rare groove cuts in a Covent Garden wine bar in the late ‘seventies with mate Trevor Fung. By the early ‘eighties, having decided that NYC was the place, Paul decamped there armed only with the chutzpah to blag his way into a courier’s job in West Harlem. At that time, more than any other, New York was bursting with musical invention: hip-hop was the freshest street sound around, and Larry Levan – arguably the first ever superstar DJ, inspiring a frenzy in the crowd that some guy playing records had never inspired before – was packing out the Paradise Garage every week with the revolutionary, hypnotic mixing style that would become the acid house DJ’s stock in trade.

Returning to London, Paul became one of the UK’s leading authorities on hip-hop. During his stint as an A&R man for Champion he signed the as-then unknowns Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and Salt N’Pepa. Oh yeah, and he appeared on Blue Peter with a breakdancing crew who he was looking after at the time. Oakenfold changed European youth culture in the late-Eighties and early-Nineties. He was among the first DJs to start regular club sessions on the Spanish island of Ibiza, leading to a new sound in dance music and the now annual pilgrimage of European youth to the island each summer.

For more information on the man known as OAKENFOLD – Check out his site on the link below.. Take a listen to the album that started it all for me TRANCEPORT : Click Here