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MC FlipsideMC Flipside

Every time I get together with this guy he makes me smile. I can honestly say this individual should be the ambassador of PLUR and the power of dance music. Ever since my first interview with him for the film he has had interesting comments and stories for me. This guy has the gift of gab and he always loves to follow it up with some EDM beats to add an exclamation point to his passionate ideals. Since the 90s in Toronto – my first real introduction to dance culture – Flipside has been dropping rhymes and spinning beats at parties that marked some of my most memorable moments of my youth. I was excited to get this guy in my film and he didn’t disappoint in showing his passion for the city and the culture he lives and breathes.

Check out this interview with FLIPSIDE on the Global Groove Network’s music show – HOUSEWORKS – hosted by CHUM FM personality Richie Favalaro. In this episode we take a look at the music that has shaped this MC’s identity as well as we have a classic house set from Flipside that is straight from the old school crates – GGN RADIO

Reinventing himself in his true passion – MC Flipside (aka. Mike Perri) – is hard at work with the most visionary producers, musicians and rappers who share his desire to define the future of hip hop, building a sound designated as Electro-Hop; a fusion of electro, urban and pop-music.

Perri has been invited to headline alongside a who’s who of hip hop / pop royalty, including: Black Eyed Peas, Run DMC, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul, KRS 1, Sir Mix A Lot, Dee Lite, D12, and Mos Def. As MC Flipside he has toured the world several times, igniting the scene in countries such as Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, England and most recently Croatia

He is also building PBR Recordings, which he started in 2007 with partner Carlo Cina. PBR has been from the start a very successful project, quickly becoming one of Canada’s most recognized house-music labels.

Flipside’s amazing career spans over a decade, back to the golden age of the hip hop and club scenes of the mid-90s. In 1996, he gained the distinction of being the only vocalist/ MC to ever host a show on commercial radio in Canada, the paradigm-shifting “Trippin’ on Energy” on Toronto’s Energy 108. The success of the show led to a 3-CD deal with Warner subsidiary Stickman/Popular, with “Trippin’ on Energy Vol. 1” selling over 5,000 copies. It also led to Flipside’s first cross-Canada tour. By the following year, “Trippin’ on Energy” had become the number one Saturday night FM radio program in Canada amongst the 16- to 21 demographic; and “Trippin’ on Energy Vol. 2” sold over 6,000 units nationally. 1998 also saw Flipside begin a legendary run as host of CLUB 108, rocking crowds of over 2,000 ecstatic clubbers every Thursday night.

In 1999, Flipside began releasing original productions and remixes with partner Paranoid Jack; on labels such as Stickman, Jinxx, Aquarius and IHR. These vinyl singles gained support from heavyweights such as: DJ Dan, Frankie Bones, Antoine Clamaran, Josh Wink, Bad Boy Bill, Dave Armstrong, Donald Glaude and Roger Sanchez, who featured Flipside and Jack’s mix of “We’ll be Together on his “Mix Mag U.K. compilation.

By this time, he was touring all over North America with jungle DJ Freaky Flow, selling out venues from coast to coast. Being featured on Freaky Flow’s classic “Obscene Underground”, which sold over 20,000 units worldwide, catapulted Flipside into the global limelight. “Trippin’ on Energy Vol. 3” completed the trilogy, and became the only compilation by a Toronto MC ever to be named Best Compilation by the Montreal Mirror.

In 2000, MC Flipside spearheaded the first ever “iDance” compilation, full of politically charged messages that helped ignite the masses and eventually overturn the rave ban in the electronic music community. The Globe and Mail’s Rinaldo Walcott called Flipside’s “Strikeback” “one of the most politically influential songs in Canadian history.”

That is only the tip of the iceberg of what this MC has accomplished. For more info on this talented maestro find him on Facebook at the LINK below…