Kenneth Thomas
Kenneth ThomasKenneth Thomas

The first time I met Kenneth he was the opening act for ATB in Cleveland. A promoter friend of mine – Mike Melon – invited me back to the city after a successful experience with Gabriel and Dresden. I must say I quite enjoy the parties this city puts on… EDM is frowned upon by the city council of Cleveland but even with the lack of support it still has managed to cultivate a loyal dance music community who appreciate what EDM culture has to offer. Big names come to the city more often then not and I was excited to get another chance to experience it once again. What I really enjoyed about my interview with Kenneth was the passion he had for producing music. This was someone who was more of an artist then a music selector.

Check out this track ‘DRIVE’ by Kenneth Thomas – Click Here

Hailing out of the Detroit, the birthplace of Techno, KT stands out with his emotional and melodic sound. Some might not see the connection of Detroit to his sound, but the connection is there. The same aggression that spawned the early techno sounds of the 90’s is the fuel that fires Kenneth to explore the emotional side of the musical experience. Music has always been a spiritual place for Kenneth and because the depth of dance music goes well beyond a conscious level, there’s an underlying exploration and experience in every set and track.

Beyond traveling the globe, Kenneth has also become a juggernaut in the studio over the past 3 years having completed over 40 tracks and remixes for labels including Baroque, Armada, Om, Perfecto, Cuurve, Alter Ego, Hope and more. Now, busy working on his second EP for Markus Schulzs’ Coldharbour Recordings and coming off recent remixes for David Guetta, Jan Johnston, Oliver Moldan, Jeff Mills and even Scott Wieland, we have seen this ‘Dj at heart’ break new ground in the areas of production. And now beyond DJing & producing, KT is also A&R for Perfecto Records and is helping spearhead the renaissance of one of the greatest labels dance music has ever seen.

The future is bright for Kenneth. Touring regularly around the world sharing his blend of progressive minded dance music, his focus has never changed since day one, “This is the most amazing sound I have ever encountered, I just want to share it with as many people as possible”

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