When I first experienced the Kaskade glow on a dance floor it was 2005. I was at an OM Records party at Winter Music Conference in Miami and this set he did was one of the best vibes I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of. I remember it like it was yesterday… At the time this talented producer was still finding a name for himself and I knew I was witnessing something special. We fast forward almost 10 years later and he has become a grammy nominated artist that has reached a high level of superstardom in the global EDM scene with his catchy tracks and live performances. This is one of the Network’s favourite evolved DJ/Producers that is in the scene today. He is truly passionate about the art of EDM and his message is well received. Kaskade has become a cross over artist that has helped expose the power of EDM to the masses.

With a catalog of original songs that celebrate love, friendship, and the music itself, Kaskade (real name Ryan Raddon) is also one of the most beloved dance artists in the world, inviting fans into his daily life via Twitter, constantly sharing new music via Soundcloud, and crafting live shows with the fan experience in mind. He was the fan-voted winner of the 2011 “America’s Best DJ” title, presented by Pioneer Pro DJ and DJ Times. The former skateboarder has been known to show up at gigs in flip-flops, but that no way indicates how seriously he takes his music: “The first thing I think about when I make music is the melody and the lyrics,” he says. “Production styles come and go, but good songs can stand the test of time.” His 2011 double-album Fire & Ice debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, and earned him his first GRAMMY nomination.

While he cut his teeth in nightclubs back in early 2000, today Kaskade’s live show is arena-sized; a jaw-dropping spectacle that finds him performing in front of massive LED screens broadcasting evocative images synced with the music in meaning and tone, while strobelights scan the crowd. “I’m trying to create an environment where you can lose yourself in these really big, grand, euphoric moments,” he says. “And to do that, there has to be a certain intensity. We’re barraged with so much information in modern-day culture. I want people to forget their worries and cares and be able to come together and celebrate life by hearing these songs that they love, with words that have touched them in a certain way. That’s what I’m trying to do at each and every show.”

Kaskade’s belief in the power of dance music to uplift thousands at once has had a significant effect on the U.S. scene. His groundbreaking double residency in Las Vegas at the Encore Beach Club (which had not even been built when he signed on) and Marquee elevated the city’s status as a premiere club- going destination on par with London, Berlin, and Ibiza. His ability to attract thousands of people to mid- week shows in the middle of the country, as well as on the coasts, is another testament to his popularity. Last year, he became the first DJ to ever perform at Los Angeles’ iconic Staples Center, which he also sold out.

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