Hot Since 82
Hot Since 82Hot Since 82

This up and coming DJ/Producer is certainly HOT when it comes to the EDM scene today. This is one of the network’s new DJ finds since I caught him in Toronto at Footwork Night CLub last year. His live performances kill and his productions continue to get better as more people discover this artist. He tours constantly all over the world and is one DJ worth watching out for when he comes through your town.

Check out this Hot Since 82 ESSENTIAL MIX from this past summer – Click Here

His real name is Daley Padley, a 30-year-old Beatport-conquering producer from South Yorkshire. His sound is like Deep house that takes in the tough and chugging and the flighty and melodic.. It really has a unique way to it which is something tough to do in dance music. From the beginning, dance music seemed to inhabit every conceivable crevice of Daley Padley’s young life. During the early 90s house emanating from the bedrooms of older siblings to his dad’s garage (which specialised in fixing up vintage VW Beetles with beefy sound-systems) a throbbing beat was omnipresent throughout his childhood. It was no surprise, then, that after lighting his clubbing fuse at 14 thanks to a convincing fake ID and older mates, he eventually turned his hand to DJing and production.

“I was tinkering with clubbing from 14, but just before my 18th birthday party I decided I was going to need control of the music so bought some decks and went from there,” he tells us through a fug of of post-club jet-lag.

After several years immersed in Leeds’ clubbing scene and DJing under his own name, Daley took on the name ‘Hot Since 82’ 18 months ago. Within a month his tracks were clogging up the Beatport Deep House Top 10 and getting played by the likes of Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier and Luciano. Bigger gigs in more exotic and far-flung places soon followed. One in particular sticks out: “I was playing the outside area of Warung in Brazil and Guy Gerber was on after me. As soon as I finished, Guy’s manager told me he wanted to represent me in South America. Guy stopped the music while the whole crowd applauded for a few minutes,” he says with a genuine air of disbelief.

Watch out for this DJ/Producer in the coming years! For more information on Hot Since 82 please visit the LINK below…