Canada continues to grow with it’s talent pool of great electronic music producers. It’s exciting to keep your ear to the radio, listen to an underground podcast, experience new tracks through great mixes, and hit the occasional live performance to experience EDM culture in new ways. Dance music to me is the fuel that can get my mind moving, consume me in every way. The dance music scene in my city – Toronto – has allowed me to find these talented producers and performers and one of my favourite discoveries during the making of the DOC was meeting George Hatiras. This Juno winning EDM producer has been making music since the late 90s and really hit his stride in the early 2000 scene in Canada and globally with some killer tracks for the dance floor such as ‘Spaced Invader’ and more. I met George in my second year of filming at the winter music conference and not only got a great interview but also made a new friend and collaborator.

Check out my interview in Miami with George as he opens up about his experiences – Click Here

Hatiras for over the past decade has been an influential electronic music producer and DJ in the global scene. He is best known for his chart topping global smash ‘Spaced Invader’, his ‘Arrival’ album and his ‘Electronic Luv’ series in the early 2000s. George has toured the world and has had the opportunity to produce and remix for a wide array of celebrity pop stars such as Kylie Minogue (and many others) on labels such as Sony, Parlophone, Universal Music, Ministry of Sound, IHR and Defected. Hatiras has sold hundreds of thousands of records through his numerous releases. He has also received extensive music video and radio airplay across the world and was awarded the prestigious Canadian Juno and SOCAN awards for Best Dance and most radio play in 2002 (Spaced Invader) as well as winning a Juno Award in 2005 for ‘Money Shot’. In 2006 he continued his award worthy work with another Juno Award for Best Dance along with Macca for their smash song ‘Spanish Fly’.

Hatiras continues to release his music and considers himself a working man’s DJ/Producer. George is looking to reinvent his sound and also explore the concept album with his upcoming work. Hatiras wants to evolve with times and stay on the cutting edge of a music culture he truly loves. PLUR would best describe his soul and he really is worth finding on ITUNES or BEATPORT.

His latest concept album – A Message from 04244 – Is an amazing piece of music art. It’s truly a journey through EDM which incorporates this SPACE AGE retro feel that you will feel to the core EDM lovers. Check out the music video version of the album here and find your own MESSAGE – Click Here

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