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EDM production is something that can be a shared experience for artists. When you find the right fit with another producer or performer it has the potential to be magic. When I first got the chance to experience the GROOVE I knew this duo was something special. The album that brought them to the attention of the Global Groove Network is nearly 15 years old since it was purchased and it still gets the regular rotation on my playlist. The album in question is VERTIGO – One of the coolest and original House, Big Beat, Chill Out – albums of all time. This concept piece takes you on a full journey of what electronic music can be to a listener. It has it all and is one of those musical experiences that needs to be shared.

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From the moment he could stand up without falling down Andy Cato’s jazz musician father introduced him to the piano and trombone. His talent was obvious and one of his earliest achievements was playing for a colliery brass band. Then, in 1987, he won Yorkshire’s Young Jazz Musician of the Year award.

However, he credits his cousin Digs (a member of the cult house collective DIY) for his induction into the acid house explosion that swept the length and breadth of Britain at the time. “We crossed the country in my Hillman, stopping at service stations and waiting for the phone call with the final location…the DIY parties; Basics [Leeds], Hacienda [Manchester], Kaos 1989-95 were like nothing I’ve seen anywhere in the world”.

In 1991, Andy moved to London. “I was in Brixton on the dole, with a bedroom studio bought with a bank loan, teaching myself all aspects of the business. During this time I went through every music business cliche of management sharks, record company politics and missed opportunities. Success? In the end, it’s just like your Gran always said. Stick at it.”

Tom Findlay discovered at a very young age that his life would be defined by the obscure funk and soul 45″ discs he played non-stop. Throughout his youth, his music tastes evolved to embrace everything from punk, jazz, disco, Black Sabbath and electro before, eventually, he discovered house music. He’d set about learning keyboard and guitar in his bedroom, and by the age of 16 he was DJing at parties.

From Cambridge, Tom became a familiar face in the free-rave scene. In 1991, he signed up to Manchester University. Upon realising that he spent more time in the Hacienda nightclub than at lectures, he and a few likeminded friends (now better known as Grand Central and Simian Mobile Disco) launched what would become hugely successful music careers by beginning their own weekly club night. Then, on placement at a college in America, Tom embarked on a lifelong love affair with the sound of black America, a groove that would form the foundation of all of his later productions.

Having met in the early 90′s, not long after they’d started discussing music Tom and Andy were promoting their first London club night together. Called ‘Captain Sensual at the Helm of Groove Armada’ it took place at the Gardening Club 2, Covent Garden, getting off to a shaky start. However it was this night in 1995 which led to a series of parties, a band and eventually a festival. All of these grew from strength to strength and continue to thrive in their individual rights to this day.

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