This maestro of madness behind the decks is truly a wonder when it comes to the art of the LIVE performance. The energy that JELO brings to his audience is 100 percent adrenaline that commands you to get off your ass and DANCE! When I first got a chance to meet this unique individual in a club setting, I was given a true testament of how electronic music can affect you. His passion oozes from every pore of his body when he performs and I was excited to bottle some of it up and include it in the film.

Since 1996 JELO has been a leader in the electronic music scene in Toronto and over last few years in Canada. His style of music and presentation is unique. No two performances are alike, JELO crafts each set for it’s unique environment. Big or small, the sensation is always a full blown spectacle. JELO – aka. Josh L Obront – takes his cue of incorporating the spiciest elements of electro house, techno, breaks and rock blended with his wild mixing abilities.. this always leads to a hell of a night of good times on the dance floor!

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Jelo is someone who is truly dedicated to his craft and guided by an awesome natural intensity, an astonishing musical dedication, and a drive to change the world one beat at a time…

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