Comfort Zone … a club with an infamous reputation as a weekend dance den in Toronto. This is one of my favourite clubs in the city and it’s a place I don’t tend to go unless this particular DJ is behind the decks. I’m talking about one of the network’s favourite local DJ talents in TO – Deko-ze! This guy is the real deal behind the decks and has a true appreciation and ear for electronic music of the past and present. He is an artist and I was excited to get a chance to get him on our music show – HOUSEWORKS – to talk about how music has shaped his identity. It’s a real showcase of dance music through the vinyl of Deko-ze’s crates he’s collected over the years!

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This is a DJ that rarely needs any introduction when it comes to the Canadian underground club crowds… He has been a leading force in the scene and has been cited as one of Toronto’s best by Eye Weekly, Fab, Now Magazine, Xtra, and the Toronto DJ Festival. For years he has been labeled “Canada’s hardest working DJ”, frequently playing gigs in nearly every Canadian centre – big and small! He has always held residencies in clubs across the country.

Building his international profile, Deko-ze has numerous gigs in the USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Mexico under his belt. He was also signed to a multi-year artist / development deal with Hi-Bias Records in 2006 and has released several singles and two compilation cds!

In a scene now overly segmented, Deko-ze is increasingly distinctive. Although categorized as a House DJ, he is recognized for his ability to fuse music of multiple genres (deep, funky and hard house; tribal; progressive; electro; tech-trance; techno). His energetic and charismatic stage presence, engaging personality, strong technical skills, and original approach to programming have uniquely cultivated a huge following in both the gay and straight scenes. Simply put, everyone loves Deko-ze!

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