Chuck Love
Chuck LoveChuck Love

The first encounter I had with the maestro of LOVE was in Miami at my second Winter Music Conference. I was a guest of OM Records – interviewing several of their talented DJs & Producers for my film. I wasn’t really familiar with his sound but when I got the chance to check out this amazing individual perform for the OM party, I was blown away. Chuck is a man who likes to incorporate live instruments in to his set such as trumpets, Sax, keyboards, just to name a few… He also sings. This guy is truly a well rounded musician who likes to reinvent the way a DJ performance can be experienced.

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Chuck Love is not a typical house music maker – in fact, the dance music veteran didn’t start off as most do with the bedroom DJ gear and gig here and there at the local dive bars. When his contemporaries in his house-lovin’ home-base of Minneapolis expressed their love of the beat through DJ sets, Love would happily back them on trumpet, guitar, or really anything else he could find… It’s not that Love can’t DJ or produce – au contraire. Released by the house of Om Records – a label Love has followed for decades – “Bring Enough To Spill Some” (his debut album) is a 2-disc collection that demonstrates his special, stylistic diversity and ability to both mix a ridiculous set and produce tracks to showcase inside it.

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