Few international artists who create their own style manage to make each of their songs sound different. You know the feeling when you hear a song on the radio for the first time and you immediately associate it with an artist. Andre Tanneberger, however, manages to give each of his tracks its own spirit while still surprising fans and always remaining ATB. That is exactly what it takes to make an internationally successful producer.

From time to time in each music genre, artists turn up who manage to stir up the scene and thrill the audiences. On the international dance scene, ATB is without a doubt an example of this type of producer and artist.

After over eleven years and five ATB albums, the last three of which all made it into the German Top 10, Andre has become a leading musician and producer. Not just on the dance scene. International stars like Heather Nova, Moby, William Orbit and Michael Cretu from Enigma have called on his services. He also performed with Bryan Adams at Rock in Rio, supplied remixes for pop legends like A-ha and has traveled all over the world to play as a DJ.

But what makes ATB so different? What has shaped his style?

Andre has a unique skill in combining ambient and trance with a wide variety of musical influences. He delivers dance songs with melancholic hooks and wonderful harmonious, smooth and relaxed sounds that carry you away. Andre has repeatedly laid milestones in modern club music. While many struggle throughout their careers, Andre immediately went into overdrive with his first ATB track “9 P.M. (Till I Come)”, which reached the top of the UK charts in 1999 and brought his music to all continents of the globe.

His single “Marrakech”, taken from the album “No Silence”, sees Andre change his sound again completely, but still characteristically remain ATB. The song is a great club track that sends out a summer feeling to get us all ready for that sunny beach holiday. It even impressed Hollywood as “Marrakech” was chosen to be the title track for the action thriller “Mindhunters”, coming to German cinemas on 24 June. (The film stars Christian Slater, Val Kilmer and LL Cool J).

Andre has worked with various artists again on his fifth album “No Silence”. The first single “Marrakech” was recorded with British vocalist Tiff Lacey, who previously worked with trance legend Paul Oakenfold. Canada’s Roberta Carter Harrison, who sang on “Let U Go”, “I Don’t Wanna Stop” and “Hold You”, is also back on board.

“Today’s hectic life and high level of stress is having an extreme effect on people. Music can provide us with calm, distraction and relaxation,” claims Andre Tanneberger. If you take the time to listen to “No Silence”, you will understand the real purpose behind ATB’s way of making and living music. The melancholic and spherical beats combined with charismatic female vocals create an environment where your mind can drift away.

You can also see how important ATB’s message is due to the fact that he not only produces the music himself and takes his songs to the masses as a DJ, Andre Tanneberger also wants to share his knowledge and skills. He has therefore set up the SEAP in Bochum with his producer partner and friend Woody van Eyden. The “School for Engineering and Audio Producing” is a production school where young ambitious producers can find their way to a professional career in the music business. The SEAP also provides a platform for those wanting to perfect their hobby and move beyond their previous musical and production horizons.